Dear all,

I’m happy to present you with three more shorts from collective members Blake Blasingame (Civil War), Michelle Chu (Malishka), and Simon Liu (Ditchwork). These filmmakers, I know first hand, labored over these shorts, and poured their soul’s into the work, and it’s a bit surreal to be able to share them. Despite these being my friends’ films, that I’d seen in process, each one has new things that I notice after every screening; they all communicate on a level that influences my perspective of humanity, and the more than sensory depth of loss.

Each director has a compulsive need to express, and the process of making these works showed them the clarity of what they wanted to express, in a way that I have not seen from other shorts in a long time.

More mind-altering virtual objects en route.

(Because they are still being screened at festivals, we have to keep the videos private, but follow the links and use the passwords provided to watch. And don’t be afraid to share.)

Ditchwork: - password: ditchwork


Civil War: - password: civilwarfilm

Malishka: - password: malishka


In addition we have a number of updates.

Expect new shows in France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Details to follow.


DVD release of lowave anthology: featuring Flyer Boy by Simon Liu.

For those of you in London check out the BFI store. And those in Germany, go to the Image Movement shop on Oberhausen Strasse.


Civil War, Ditchwork, and Melancholy Cheese Arrhythmia were recently screened at NJ International Film Festival and Montreal Underground - we’d like to thank all attendees for making them all successful screenings!









Sex and video are from now on forever interchangeable. One recalls the other. The media pill gives you the illusion of loss. It is the main symptom of withdrawal. But the Physical, as it appears to human consciousness, is comprised of far too many signs. The loss of the mainstream sign transcends. Its product is physical loss. Media is all the government needs, and maybe all that it is.